Our New Normal: A Shake Up in Our Meal Plan


So, my husband got a little wake up call call recently by way of a prescribed diet/lifestyle change. Long story longer, he is nine years out from a leukemia diagnosis and recovery. He has never had any real notable complications that are cancer survival related. This week, he visited a new Primary Care Doctor, since his previous one left the practice. I was impressed by the new physician’s advice and prescribed action plan.

For the first time his adult life, instead of being given a list of prescriptions to fill, my sweetheart came home with a list of documentaries and YouTube videos to watch. Don’t get me wrong…everyone may need a little pharmaceutical help at some point in life and we are certainly among that population. So, I’ll leave you with two pieces of advice. If you are interested in learning more about intermittent fasting and the keto lifestyle, watch The Magic Pill on Netflix. Next, look up Dr. Eric Berg on YouTube and watch anything he has out there. The teachers have become the students, so to speak. If I would have actually visited the doctor, I’m sure I would have been given the same advice. I did choose to join him in this health journey. I guess you could say this household and our homeschool took a turn for the healthy, as we have to practice a little extra self-care to be able to better serve our family. Because we are not experts in the field of keto lifestyle, I can only share what we have been doing. Please take it with a grain of salt (and make it pink Himalayan.)

flat lay photography of fruit platter

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

I should add that we have moved twice since my husband’s recovery in 2010. The first move, 240 miles and the second, 720 miles. Those were paid relocations by the company my husband currently works for. Somewhere along the way, we have allowed our physical health to deteriorate. I know for sure I stress eat my own feelings. I stress eat everyone else’s feelings. This move especially, and our lives since, has brought on a lot of emotional eating. Being new is a difficult adventure. Comfort foods and massive meals have been our vices.

Symptoms we are aware of, include joint pain, inflammation, digestive problems, brain fog, moodiness, lack of energy, lack of enthusiasm, snoring, and insomnia. I’m curious to see what changes and improvements we see and feel during this journey. Will those changes be drastic? I’ll be reporting back in real time, monthly.

  • this edit comes to you about a month later! My husband is 31# lighter and I am 17# lighter. It seems that he is able to lose twice as fast as me, but we are both in this for the long haul. Our symptoms have all but dissipated. I know we both have a lot more energy. The changes are indeed drastic.

Two products that have helped us as we embark on this journey:

Taylor Digital Scale

Organic Wheat Grass

This is something new we added in the second month:

Ketologic Ketogenic Meal Replacement Shake

I can’t say enough about the taste! I have added it to water and ice in my blender to make a  great shake. I use this mix if I am replacing my first meal of the day (as an intermittent faster? I eat twice a day.  I have also added it to unsweetened vanilla almond milk, ice, and a TBSP of natural peanut butter for a delicious second meal replacement. *I only replace one meal a day, but the meal varies.


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