Homeschool Coaching Services

Homeschool Coaching Services

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I’m Darcy, blogging mom at and owner & sole MBR of Our Crazy Prairie Life. I help homeschooling and homeschool curious families effectively assess their commitment level, teaching style, children’s learning style, curriculum choices, and homeschooling methods. I also work with you to organize physical spaces and required documentation so that you can focus on developing a personalized educational plan in your home.

You don’t have to be a teacher to homeschool your children well! You may feel overwhelmed at times! I know I was in the beginning. I had no idea where to turn for advice, coaching, or even where I could find certain resources.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed at times with homeschooling, please consider me as a resource.

We will work together first, by way of a 1/2 hour phone call. This will give me a better view of your family’s homeschool needs. Second, I’ll email you notes from our phone call as well as a personalized plan for you.  Your plan can include things like:

  • Which homeschool method(s) fit your family’s values, learning styles, and educational goals
  • Tools for organizing and scheduling your homeschool day
  • Curriculum choices, secular and Christian
  • Help for homeschooling multiple ages
  • Resources for reaching out to other homeschooling families
  • Accountability

*Please note that I cannot help you with matters of homeschooling law. I can work with you to figure out how to homeschool within your state’s guidelines and direct you to accurate resources for more information on your state’s specifics. You must be familiar with your state’s requirements and laws.


  • 1/2 hour initial call
  • Emailed notes
  • Your detailed, personalized homeschool plan
  • 1 follow-up email to answer any questions you have about your plan


  • 3 additional follow-up email exchanges to check in, answer questions, or adjust your plan


*Contact me to schedule your personalized coaching session. Whether you are brand new to homeschooling or just need a refresher, I am ready to work with you to achieve your very best homeschool experience.








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